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Embracing my inner chonga at FSU

"let all that you do, be done in love"

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"I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God than in church thinking about the mountains."
John Muir (via oofpoetry)

It was awesome having Rosie our student body president helping me out with the interview assignment. I think that the major aspects of politics and political communication and campaigning takes place in a college campus and I was able to see that during the interview with Rosie.  


I don’t really understand what the whole government shutdown is about, but its everywhere. I think its interesting how the government shut down is one of those topics that people think they know about, but they really don’t. I feel like with subjects like these we see people trying to seem politically educated. Not I. I admit, im lost.,0,2789005.story


I think polling is never 100% accurate. I think they are good indicators of popular opinion, but what people say one day can be different from day to day. Even with exit polls people can lie just because they don’t want other people to know who they voted for. Polls annoy me.


I think the 5 questions that determine rather or not you have political knowledge are good questions however I think that the way people answer them should be varied. I think making the questions open ended can benefit some minority groups who know what the general concepts of the questions are but cant use political terms. I don’t think that makes them less knowledgeable i just think they need to be able to have the opportunity answer differently.  


I would imagine that episodic frames are more effective than thematic frames. I believe that when you tap in to peoples emotions there is a greater deal of influence. However, is there anyway in which thematic can be more effective and play a greater role over episodic framing? 


Agenda setting and framing are both very similar. I still struggle to find a real life example of the two. The only real thing I know and can take away from agenda setting and framing is the following: Agenda setting lets me know what to think about, while framing tells me how to think about the issue at hand. It would be nice to have different real life examples of the two so that I may see how these two theories apply to real life. 


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